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Staycation, Staycation, Staycation

I'm quite sure that the term 'Staycation' was one that not many in Northern Ireland were that familiar with until recently. It is a term used widely among hospitality and tourism professionals but when I casually referred to the 'Staycation market' on a recent zoom call, I was met with some blank faces.

'Staycation' has become the buzz word these days- online articles, newspapers and even 'This Morning' ran a feature a few days ago. So what is it all about? Well, a staycation is usually defined as a trip or holiday to a destination within a short distance from your home (pretty much covers all of Northern Ireland considering most places are within less than 2 hours drive). Of course, with the recent lock down situation, people are choosing to stay closer to home this summer.

This is good news for our hospitality and tourism sector, preparing to reopen their doors and get back to business. This is exactly the time to uncover the hidden gems, to rediscover the Northern Ireland you think you know, to book the food tours and the walking tours, take the e-bikes over the hills and really understand why Northern Ireland attracts millions of overseas visitors each year.

Stay local this summer and support Northern Ireland back into business.


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