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Dalriada Kingdom Tours is a family run business based in Portrush in County Antrim. Along with a team of carefully selected guides, Rosemary and I keep alive a family tradition of association with the Giants Causeway site.

Rosemary’s family history dates back to the Spanish Armada ship, 'The Girona,' which wrecked on the Causeway headlands in 1588 and in more recent times her family have over 130 years of history on the Giants Causeway.

I am the third generation of my family to guide here and was taught by the late William John Purdy, my father in law and dearest friend. We all miss and love him very much. He was and is the inspiration for the formation of this company .

We are the first generation to extend the business arena beyond the Causeway to explore its famous shoreline and the business has evolved to showcase Northern Ireland to an international customer base.

Guiding between Dublin & Donegal with itineraries in Strangford, Belfast, Mid Ulster, the Causeway Coast and Derry this company delivers exclusive site specific guided tours using a wonderful blend of old world skills and modern day techniques to breathe new life into the history of the people from these areas.

It’s a wonderful mix of stories and experiences that create a journey to reveal our cultures and hopes and dreams for our future.

With access to castles, stately homes and distilleries added to visits to our iconic sites, the ethos is to showcase Northern Ireland to a global audience by simply introducing folk to our very best service providers in every itinerary we deliver. Creating the emotional connections to our people and our home is the key to making memories

Famous for our pride and passion and our authentic style of guiding, we want to carry on the proud traditions of our ancestors and push Northern Ireland as a destination of choice for the esteemed traveller.

Collaboration is key to our success and we hope to be around for many years to come doing something we love dearly “guiding” for our guests in our beloved home.

Mark Rodgers

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